Texas Deadlift Bar Cerakote

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Color: Red Cerakote Shaft w/Chrome Sleeves
Finish Type: Texas Deadlift Bar Cerakote

**Current Lead Time 10-14 days.


20KG/44LB | Aggressive Knurling

Texas Deadlift Bar Cerakote

The Ultimate Bar for Deadlifters Everywhere.

The Texas Deadlift Bar by Buddy Capps is the official deadlifting bar of:
- American Powerlifting Committee
- The International Federations
- 54 countries with the Global Powerlifting Alliance for Raw Powerlifting
- The International Powerlifting organization for equipped powerlifting

Customer Reviews

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that’s a great deadlift bar. recommend strongly

Thomas Crawford
This is an awesome bar

If you’re thinking about getting a deadlift bar you won’t be disappointed with this one. I went cerakote only for the cool factor. I have a raw power bar and was concerned the cerakote might not give me the feel I’m used to, but it wasn’t a factor and I won’t have to maintain this one like the raw bar. Pull the trigger it’s worth it


For anyone who likes to deadlift this is a definite investment that should be made. I've been lifting on stiff bars for years and this is definitely a game changer. The whip is nice but not too much and the gnerling is sharp but outside of my conventional stance so it doesn't rip up my shins. First big pull was an easy 765 off of blocks and im looking forward to more big numbers in the future

Samuel Ramos

Great quality !!!!

James Malloy

The knurling is perfect. It’s aggressive and the quality is top notch. Get this bar if you want a deadlift bar. The Tungsten gray is a great color too!