The Texas Power Bar Shirt

The Texas Power Bar Shirt

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The Original Texas Power Bar Shirt

*Black shirt w/ White text

*Short sleeve-Full Chest Round Logo

When I started lifting weights with Olympic bars back in the 1960’s, I noticed that there was hardly any grip. The knurling on these bars was so light when the bars were new, that now years later they were almost slick. The sleeves were held on to the bar with a threaded end cap and the inside collars were held in place with a set screw. Each sleeve consisted of three pieces.

The Goal
was to create a bar that would have and keep a better knurled grip. A bar, whose sleeves wouldn’t slide in to the center. A maintenance free bar.

The Result - The Texas Power Bar

Proudly Made in the USA Since 1980. The shafts are center less ground, demagnetized and oiled to the max before shipping to Texas. Once at our production facility, we machine and then knurl each shaft to create a grip that is still the best in the industry. Texas Power Bars have different finishes available including black zinc and chrome plating.The sleeves are are available raw or chrome plated.

Big tensile strength numbers sound very impressive and we have them but, the proof is on the platform. Hundreds of state, national, international and world powerlifting records have been and continue to be set and broken on the The Texas Power Bar.

•1985 Fred Hatfield 1002lb Squat
•2007 Charles Bailey 1102lb Squat
•2016 Tiny Meeker 1102lb Bench Press
•2016 Yuri Belkin 992lb Deadlift at GPA World championship in Moscow
•2017 Joseph Pena 1025lb Squat at Texas High School championships.
•1994 Mark Hanlon and 8X Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman pulled 1200lb deadlift with the Texas Power Bar.

NFL combine

In the beginning:

1st World Championship for the Texas Power Bar was 1984 in Dallas, TX.
•1981 Senior Nationals
•1982 Nationals
•1983 Teenage and Collegiate Nationals
•1984 High School Nationals, Women's Nationals, Junior Worlds

In the middle:

The Texas Power Bar has been in countless local, state, national and international meets around the globe annually.


World Powerlifting Championships

•2010-2011 United States 🇺🇸
•2012 Argentina 🇦🇷
•2013 Finland 🇫🇮
•2014 Australia 🇦🇺
•2015 United States 🇺🇸
•2016 Russia 🇷🇺
•2017 Argentina 🇦🇷

American Powerlifting Championships

Since 2010

Customer Reviews

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Matt Hill
Shirt adds 10% to Deadlift

The day the shirt arrived I washed it and put it on. Fit perfectly. I immediately grabbed my new Texas Deadlift Bar that came with the shirt. I hit my previous max for reps. It could’ve been that I ate properly all week and actually slept for once, but I’m giving all credit to the shirt. It’s a must have.

Chance Zombor
Great fit, great shirt, great bar

I'm 5'11", 279 lbs. Got the 2X shirt. Fits great even after washing and drying.

Chris Dertz

The Texas Power Bar Shirt

madeleine kalen
Excellent quality shirt

My husband was browsing for another bar and stumbled upon this shirt, I told him to get it and he said no. He won’t ever buy anything for himself so I decided to get it for a surprise and boy was it a surprise! He just loves it. The shirt it unlike any of his other t shirts, this is super soft, lightweight but very sturdy. This will hold up a long time, great bold logo as well. Customer service was excellent and very fast shipping. Thank you

James Garza

The Texas Power Bar Shirt