Texas All American Bar 33

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Shaft: Bare Steel Shaft w/Chrome Sleeve

Current Demand Has Lead Time at 1-2 Weeks.


15KG/33LB | Medium Knurling

Texas All American Bar 33

Simply the best all-around gym bar available.

The Texas All American Bar was designed early 2018 and is already a hit! This bar fills a void and is very versatile. Crafted from the same starting shaft as The Texas Power Bar, it has the same strength and durability as our original bar. With center knurl to help when your squatting. 32” hand space rings for power type training and 36” hand space ring for cross training. The knurling is less aggressive than the Texas Power Bar.

Customer Reviews

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Eric Blake
All American 33

Needed a shorter bar for my portable gym I built for our drilling rig since storage containers are narrow. This thing is excellent. Says in description that knurling is not as aggressive as normal power bars which is true. My standard power bar is way more aggressive. Saying that, the knurling is still more aggressive than any other bar I’ve used. Grips very well. Excellent craftsmanship.

Caleb W.
My Wife’s Favorite Bar

Bought this for my wife since she wanted a bar with a center knurl that still had a 25 mm diameter. It’s become her daily driver. The bar has excellent knurling that’s good for deadlifts and squats. Would happily buy again.

Almost perfect

I got the 6ft bar because my home gym space is small. I wish that there was another 6ft version that was 28.5mm or at least an even weight like 35 lbs. It is a little annoying to calculate weight in your head quickly if you don't have 1lb change plates on it at all times.


Thank you

Matthew Aland
All American 33lb Bar

I've read a lot of reviews mentioning a poor experience with customer service and unanswered emails, but I can say that as of Oct 2022, these issues appear to be taken care of.

I had a problem with the delivery of my bar and emailed TPB about the issue a day or two later. They got back to me on the next business day and helped me out with resolving the issue with the delivery service. We talked options, next steps, and they even reached out to the delivery company on my behalf to see if there was anything they could fix on their end. I have chains of emails with Texas Power Bars and in every one of them, the team is willing to bend over backwards to help me out on this.

We got it resolved in about a week or so. Great stuff