BLEMISHED Texas Power Bar - Black Zinc Shaft/ Chrome Sleeves

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Shaft: New Black Zinc
Sleeve: Chrome - w/Cosmetic Blemishes


This is our original Texas Power Bar with slight cosmetic blemishes on the sleeves. This bar has a brand new shaft w/ black zinc plating and chrome sleeves. I understand this bar is sold at a discount due to varying *cosmetic blemishes on the sleeves that did not pass our final inspection process. This bar has a full warranty as listed on our site with the exception being no returns or exchanges due to cosmetic flaws or change of mind.

*Plating issues/Scratches/Dings/Nicks etc. 

**All Sales Final 

20KG/44LB | Aggressive Knurling

BLEMISHED Texas Power Bar - Black Zinc Shaft/ Chrome Sleeves

The ultimate, legendary "Original" Texas Power Bar. Aggressive knurling, Proudly Made in the USA Since 1980... enough said.

Customer Reviews

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Melvin Maroon
Best bars

Best bar that I own. Placed my order, received it quickly. Thank you guys for your business and your great product! Satisfied customer.

Matt H
Solid bar, can’t find the blemish

Great bar. Well built and good knurl. The center knurl is perfect for low bar back squats. I got a deal on a blem bar but I can’t find the blemish.

After years of an Ohio bar the difference is huge. Just the feel in the hands of Capps bar is so much better. When you lift heavy and often you can feel quality, and Texas power bar is quality .

Justin Spurgeon
Texas power bar

I use this power bar every day it's very well made with aggressive knurling that won't let the bar slip out of your hands. It shipped to my home in VA. Very fast over all I'm happy with the quality and price

Kyle Williams
This is my favorite bar

This is my favorite bar I have owned. I have owned power bars from other leading companies and this is by far my favorite. I went with a blem bar and I still have yet to find the blemish.


Took me a while to even find the blemishes. Great knurling, added 60lbs to my deadlift having a good bar to train with.